Carpet & Area Rug

AG Carpet & General Cleaning thinks about your health first. Researchers have demonstrated that the environmentally enhancing benefits of carpet are preserved through the high-performance carpet cleaning process. To clean unwanted substance, our company offers an Interim Maintenance and Restorative Cleaning

Interim Maintenance maintains a clean, consistent appearance of the carpet using less water, chemical, and dry time. The spots and dust are removed. This Maintenance service will extend the time between Restorative Cleaning. On the other hand, Restorative Cleaning process allows the carpet to return to “a like new condition”. All carpeted areas are always disinfected after each cleaning process.

Our procedures are based on cleaning principles of Carpet Cleaning Standards. The combination of the cleaning process, high quality, certified products, equipment, knowledge, technique, and experience is the key to success when it comes to carpet cleaning.

For areas rugs, we offer pickup and delivery.